Monday, June 22, 2009

Bobby and Sarah's Wedding

Cathie and I headed down to Ohio on Saturday morning for Bobby (Rays) and Sarah (Burk)'s wedding. It was in the middle of nowhere in Van Wert, OH. We stopped by our hotel to get ready and found that we couldn't get into our room. By the time we did, we were rushing. My wife being one of the few woman who doesn't respond well to a husband saying, "Are you read to go yet!? We're late!", I kept my mouth shut and we left a few minutes behind schedule, and ten minutes behind Brad. We made it there with a few minutes to spare, but no Brad was to be found. They'd gotten lost and made it there just in the nick of time.

Bobby and Sarah met at Velocity (Drew takes the credit for introducing them). It was a great wedding - my favorite part being watching the smile on Bobby's face at the from of the altar as he saw Sarah at the end of the aisle.

The reception was a lot of fun, we were at a table with the Jeffrey's and Jay and Jess Shinn. At one point, Brad left his tin of chew on the table and Cathie took it upon herself to pour a huge amount of black pepper in the tin and mix it up. He continued dipping throughout the night and the next day I received a text message from Brad that simply said, "In the hospital. Pepper allergy. I'll be fine."

I have confirmed that Bobby is not actually taking Sarah's name as Brad told me. Drew and I discussed this and agree that pretty much the only reason to take your wife's name is if it's something really cool like, "Terminator" or "Wang".

During the Bridal dance, Bobby and Sarah begun with a slow dance to a Rascal Flatts song, I think. Midway through the music stopped and they busted into a great dance routine, part of which I caught here, before jumping back into the slow dance again. You can see part of the video here:

Bobby and Sarah are an awesome couple who dated in high school and college, and are now getting married young, a lot like Cathie and I did. I wouldn't change that for the world, and we wish them both the best!


Stacy said...

And you could not bother to come and visit..we are hurt.

Rays Family said...

Nice Dave!