Sunday, August 23, 2009

G.I. Joe with the Kung Fu Grip

Nate and I went to see the G.I. Joe movie. I'd heard pretty horrible things about it, so I had low expectations going in. I actually enjoyed it - at least more than I did the Transformers 2 movie. I didn't expect good acting, but I was hoping for a good homage to the original cartoon and action figures - a "Kung Fu Grip" and "Knowing is half the battle" reference. I got both.It was non-stop action without much character development, but the weapons and technology were pretty cool.

The members of G.I. Joe had these great things called accelerator suits for which they pretty much stole the ideas from Nate and I. When Nate was little, I used to tell him stories when I'd lay down with him for bed time. I'd make the stories up based on what he wanted to hear, and we came up with the character called "Gun Man". Gun Man had this cool mechanical suit where different weapons would pop out of, and would give you super-strength. I'd tell Nate stories about him, as gun-man, in this suit, saving the world.

This was when Nate was in his super-hero phase of growing up. My favorite story was when Nate wore his super-man pajamas underneath his clothes when Cathie took him to the store. When he got home, Cathie noticed he had two sets of clothes on and asked him why. Nate explained that just in case the store was robbed, Nate could change into his superman outfit and save the store.

Don't set your expectations too high for the movie, but you can feel a little famous knowing that you know the two guys who came up with the idea for the accelerator suits.

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