Friday, August 21, 2009

Goodbye to Riley, May she Rest in Peace

Riley's MakeoverSaint Riley
Well, today was the day. Riley was at a point where it was time. Nate and I took her into the vet for the last time today. Prior to going, the kids, Cathie and I sat around and came up with a list of the awesome things that made Riley, Riley.
  • Whenever possible, she would sleep with her head on a pillow
  • She would never bite a kid even when she was bit or had her hair pulled by a kid - she just licked back
  • She let Emily dress her up and lock her in her closet
  • She always looked like she was smiling
  • She wasn't afraid to climb on the counter or the table to the food
  • Chased rabbits and squirrels but never knew what to with them when she caught them.
  • Had one run-in with a skunk that about destroyed our furniture from the smell
  • Loved to roll in wild animal poop moments after she had been
  • Possibly the only Gold retriever lab who didn't like to swim
  • The only chocolate lab mix I've seen who wasn't brown
  • More scared of Desiree Defelice and Katie Freier than any dog ever
  • Adopted by Nicki Workman Family as their honorary third dog
  • Loved everyone (except Katie and Desi)
  • At the end, was deaf as a rock. She would start barking when Lola would, but had no idea why
  • She knew not to sleep on our bed, unless we were gone, and would jump off when she heard our car pull in
  • Riley would wander the yard without a leash, never going further than she was supposed to.
  • She would get matting behind her ears and tail that looked like dreadlocks
  • Riley would wrestle with Lola and put her in her place
  • She was scared of our kitten Rascal
  • No matter how long you were gone, she would greet you like it had been a week
  • She was our doorbell for the longest time when it broke. Riley was the only way I would know that someone was at the door from my office.
  • Everything tasted better to Riley when it came from the trash can.
  • Riley would steal sandwiches and pizza slices right off your plate if you walked away
  • She cleaned up the crums and food droppings from three babies
  • She knew when I was heading up for a nap and would head up to sleep next to me
  • She has eaten more choclate than me in her entire life and never thrown up, including a box of Godiva chocolates intended for my grandma
  • She would sit next to me on the deck during my morning quiet time
  • She would go room to room at night to check on the kids
  • She shed enough to make 10 fur coats over her life
Here are some pictures of Riley over the years.


Ken said...

Sorry Kurt family.

jessica said...

I will miss her kisses -- now i have to settle for just jason's