Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Libby and Reagan's visit

My two nieces, Libby (almost 4) and Reagan (2) left tonight after hanging with us for four-ish days (Friday - Tuesday). We had a blast with the girls - going for walks (Libby: "Uncle Dave, I've never been on a walk before."), going to the park, to the animal farm (Libby: "Aunt Cathie, seeing all of these animals has made me hungry"), going to church (Libby: "I got to
The girls were fantastic and my kids loved playing with them. Cathie and I had fun having little ones running around again and just cuddling with them.
We had these two ottomans, which the girls, especially Reggie loved sitting in. We found that they were both very good at watching TV. I'm guessing they got that from their Dad.
Some of my favorite lines from the girls (other than the fact that during multiple times, Libby told Cathie and I that we are her favorite Aunt and Uncle):

Libby: "Uncle Dave, do you like farts?"
Me: "Do I like art?
Libby: "No, do you like farts?"
Libby: "Uncle Dave, at my house, visitors all get chocolate milk before bedtime. I'm a visitor at your house, so I should get chocolate milk now."
Libby: "Nateo Potato, your room is a mess. You need to clean it right now"

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