Sunday, October 25, 2009

First Place Harvest Party Trunk Design.. I think

Emily, Emma and Maddie
We had our annual harvest party at church today, including the fifth annual "Trunk or Treat". People went to great lengths to decorate their trunks, with costumes, activities, prizes all around their decorated trunk theme.

Our Pastor, Joe and his wife Joanne, had a "Pie the Pastor" trunk theme:
Joe Muzzi covered in Shaving Cream

Someone else had a human whack-a-mole theme. All very impressive. Cathie would normally be the person who would think of decorating. With her out of town, I felt proud that I'd remembered to bring the girls costumes and a bowl for the bag of suckers Cathie had bought earlier. With no real decoration theme, I quickly came up with the amazing theme of the "Blue Ultra Lounge 3000", which I'm pretty sure would have won, had I stuck around a little longer to claim my prize.
Dave's Sweet Trunk
At least my trunk didn't look like this:
Jen's less cool trunk

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