Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Emily..My Personal Trainer

Emily has been riding her bike with me while I run, and she's an amazing little trainer for me.  She takes great joy in knowing how to stay just far enough in front of me to keep me moving at a fast pace.  I don't even have to ask her to go running with me now; as soon as she hears I'm going running she heads right out with me.

Yesterday's morning workout was a bit rough, resulting in a near digestive release.  This morning, Cathie asked me how the workout with Kirk was and I responded that it was a little easier.  Without missing a beat, Emily replied, "That's because I wasn't training you, Dad".  Apparently Kirk has some competition.

Em's quick wit continues to amaze us.  We call her our little Jon (as in my brother, not the toilet). She comes up with stuff so darn quickly.  My wife actually made the comment this morning - "We're not that sarcastic, are we?"  Suuuuure we're not.

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A woman with many faces. said...

Can I borrow her for a while so she can motivate me?