Sunday, November 15, 2009

I am not as old as you think:Triad Athletic Testing

Triad Performance Training Center had the first in a series of athletic testing yesterday to give you an idea of where you stand in different areas of fitness relative to others overall and in your age group.  These are used as part of the NFL combine as well to measure the athletes.  Kirk (the owner of Triad) has coached a number of pro football players, been to the NFL Combine, along with having been the trainer for the Detroit Red Wings.  After all of that, he still doesn't think I should play professional sports.

I'm a competitive guy and I like being able to compete against myself and others in a given area and to train for a specific area (like push-ups or chin-ups) or to figure out how to increase my speed in an event like the shuttle-run, which seems like it requires a lot of technique.

You should come out and see where you stack up in your age group.  It's fun, the staff at Triad really get what they're doing with this stuff.  It only takes about an hour (from 10-11 on Saturday morning).

Here are the results I received yesterday after the event.
Thank you for participating in this month’s athletic testing!

Your results from this month’s testing are as follows:

40 Yard: 5.14 seconds (World Record is 3.73)
Push Up in 1 minute: 54 (World Record is 120)
Vertical Leap: 25.5 inches (World Record is 60 inches)
Chin Up: 12 (World Record is 60)
Broad Jump: 8"3.5 inches (World Record is 11.4 feet)
Pro Shuttle: 4.71 seconds

You currently have the record for:

31-40: 40 Yard, Push Up, Vertical Leap, Chin Up, Broad Jump, Pro Shuttle
Overall: Push Up, Vertical Leap, Broad Jump

The next testing date is December 12th. We hope to see you there!

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