Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Latest Tech Stuff I like at the moment

Plantronics Voyager ProBluetooth Headset  - After way too much searching, between Jawbone's and a few other earpieces, I'm finally content with my headset.  It fits well, it's got great volume and controls, and the noise canceling is second to none.
ClearContext - Clearcontext is an outlook plug-in that allows you to tag conversation threads and automatically archive them into a related folder. It keeps your local mailbox from filling up and helps you deal with and find e-mail much more efficiently. Once you tag a conversation, it will remember the assignment and file all future conversations in the thread in the same way.
YouVersion - YouVersion is an iPhone Bible app and a web site. You can read all sorts of versions of the bible, but they've also integrated in reading plans. I started the one of the Bible-in-a-Year plans, which you can track and read from your iPhone.
Amazon Kindle -I've had my kindle for a while, but after using it for a while, I moved away from it.  I loved reading from it and the ability to sync content with my iPhone, but I wasn't a big fan of paying $9.99/book when I could get them from the library for free.  The Sony eBook Reader and the new Border's reader allowed you to use library eBooks seamlessly.  Will pointed me to some scripts that allow me to use the same eBooks that I can check out from the library, so I'm back to reading on my kindle and loving it.

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