Sunday, February 28, 2010

Everywhere... Youth Group Drama

Our youth group performed this drama today. I was really struck by it... Moved to tears even. I'm not sure what it was - whether it was thinking of my own kids being pulled by these forces or whether it was thinking of the kids in my youth group being in the middle of these types of things.

You might not seeing it watching it, or you might. Either way, it hit me.


Michael said...

Fantastic! I am not usually a fan of Human Video's, but this was really good. Thanks!

Sarah said...

Wow ... Dave ... that was really powerful. And beautifully choreographed. (Spelling?) I think that it was so moving because it communicated God's powerful love for us, and the fact that He fights for us because we are His. And the part that was also powerful was the way that God's unconditional love was communicated at the end. No questions asked, just the joy that she had returned. Amazing. Everyone needs to see that.