Monday, March 22, 2010

Paintball with the Youth Group

We had our annual youth group paintball game yesterday.  This was Maddie's first year ever playing and Nate's third year.  We had a huge crew of about 45 kids and leaders go and it was great.  The event was at Killer Paintball's indoor course out in Romulus's.  I decided this year to wear an old suit I had moth-balled in the back of my closet just to change things up.  I figured it would give a whole new meaning to the idea of a road warrior or corporate raider.
Maddie wasn't planning on going right up until the time we got to church, and had a change of heart at the last minute.  Maddie was pretty nervous about getting hit, but she hung with me and did pretty well.  Some of the boys were teasing her, explaining they were going go after her out there.  I think she liked it when I explained that anything they did to Maddie, they did to me, and they knew that I didn't really care about getting hit - not to mention my wearing a suit which likely gave me super powers.
She was great after her first hit in the mask, so I figured she was about ready to venture off on her own after a few games in, and felt like quite the bad Dad after she came back in after getting lit up pretty badly.  She didn't let that stop her and jumped right back in, even playing a few rounds of speedball, one of the more brutal up-close paintball games.

Nate brought a crew of 6 guys with him and they all had a blast.  They were all big Modern Warfare 2 fans, and on the van ride over it was funny hearing them talk about war in that context.
Somehow my suit made me stand out a bit and I ended up getting lit up here and there.  I got to exact my revenge on the kids during a sniper round.

You can see the rest of the pictures here in Picasa.

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