Friday, April 09, 2010

Before and After: My New TV

This is my new TV, a 55" Samsung TV.  We got a wall-mounted TV in order to get rid of the entertainment center.  Maddie keeps telling me she thinks it's too big.  I think she's nuts.

I was amazed at the rats nest of cables that I'd accumulated over the past 5 years.  Everything from XBOX, Mac, TV, Audio, Video, Networking gear and VOIP routers.

Bob Rays came over and helped me run the electrical and hang the bracket to make sure it's well-hung. I fished the cables through the wall, through the siding and back over into the corner of the room.  It is a work of art!  I still need to run one more HDMI cable and re-run the Cat 5 networking and speaker wire.  Hope to get to that this weekend.

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jasonshinn said...

feel free to send your 'leftovers' to Ohio! it's ok. i'm all about serving you and easing your clutter and burden. i'm a giver.