Wednesday, August 11, 2010

20+ Year Old Letter to My Mom

I was going back through a bunch of old documents and I stumbled across this Valentine's Day letter that I wrote to my Mom.
I know this isn't a valentines day card, but it says what I want to say a little bit better.
First and foremost, I LOVE YOU! I think you are the best mother in the world. Growing up I sometimes questioned the things you did, and argued with you once or twice, but in the end, I wouldn't of chosen to be raised any differently! I know that the person I have grown into is because of how you and Dad raised me. Looking back, I always felt so loved by both you and Dad, and everything you did radiated with that same love. I look back and I am very angry with myself for the way I treated you both, and the things I said and did that disappointed you. It took a lot of growing up for me to finally see how much you really do care for me and love me. My greatest wish Mom, is to marry someone who will raise my children as well as you have raised yours, and who will be as kind, gentle, beautiful, loving, caring, and spiritually together as you. Most people are lucky just to have a good father who they can look up to as a good male role model. I am doubly blessed - I have YOU. You have always been someone I have admired very much Mom. The way you stand up for what you believe, never compromising your values for anything, your consistency, your kindness towards other people, your good common sense, and giving nature. I just hope and pray I will have all of these same virtues someday.
I want to say thank you Mom, and ask you if you will be my valentine, because I love you very much and think you are the best mother in the entire world. I'm very lucky to have a Mom like you!
Your son,
David John Kurt

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