Monday, August 16, 2010

Social Media Fast

In order to avoid having to respond to any more e-mails stating, "Why did you defriend and block me on facebook?", I figured I'd put this quick post out there.  I'm taking 30 days off of all social media: facebook, my blog, twitter, RSS feeds, etc.  I deactivated my facebook account during this time, which gives me the appearance of not existing as far as facebook is concerned, and looking like I've blocked you if you search for me.  I haven't. Well, probably.

Anyways, this is a tougher deal that I'd thought.  Four days in, I'm learning just how much Facebook and twitter consume my time, energy and thoughts.  Part of it is not knowing what other's are doing, but if I'm honest, the larger part is about not broadcasting out to the world what I'm doing.  Pretty narcissistic, huh?

My brother Dan pointed out that it still hasn't stopped all of the auto-posting things I've got setup out there, so things like youtube and flickr are still automatically updating other social media streams, like Google Buzz. I guess I'll have to come to grips in the near term with people not knowing my every thought and seeing pictures of my every activity.  See you in a month!


Jon said...

I thought you were dead.

rudi said...

I thought Jon did/said something again to make the entire family mad and cause them to de-friend everyone on FB.

mteebow said...

Hello dave.
Email me I want to talk to you about the Detroit Marathon
BTW going back to Triad any time soon