Saturday, December 25, 2010

Reason #1046 I'm proud of my Dad

My Dad's friend Bakar (the muslim Somalian refugee I'd blogged about eaerlier) stopped by and got a chance to meet the family. You'll notice in this shirt that my Dad is wearing a shirt that says, "I'm Awesome". Now normally in the Kurt family we would joke and mock anyone wearing this shirt. Heck, we'd mock the pope for wearing his silly hat. Before you mock, here's the story behind the shirt.

As I'd mentioned in the other post, my Dad has helped Bakar since he came to this country as a refugee with nothing. He's worked with him to get a job, his first car, cell phone, helped him get Cochlear implants (Bakar is deaf) and braces.

My Dad uses the same skills that made him great at his job to help Bakar make it in America. What would the middle east conflict look like today if Muslims saw Americans giving and helping sleflessly? My Dad is living out what Jesus calls us to by helping the poor and hurting.

Bakar got this shirt for my Dad because this is the best way to express the way he feels about my Dad. He simply thinks my Dad is awesome and thought that this shirt was the best way to express it. Can you blame him? My Dad wears this shirt proudly, and he should. We're all proud of him.
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