Monday, February 07, 2011

An ode to Dave

I couldn't go on the youth group's Winterblast Retreat this weekend.  In honor of my past announcements, Maddie and her friend Jordan were kind enough to recite a poem they wrote:
Oh I love my DaddyDear
And how I miss him when he's not here
Dave is sick and note feeling well
But his wish for us is not to dwell
His decision was swift and very fast,
But he really couldn't come so he had to pass
Maddie's my best friend and he's like my father
and I hope to him, I'm not such a bother
He wanted us to do these announcements for him
And before I left, he told me to break a limb (in honor of him)
We hope he'll walk in on this glorious day,
But since he's not here, we might as well pray
I love you daddy!
Get well soon Dave!

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