Sunday, March 20, 2011

Haiti - What I Learned While I Was There

I learned so much in Haiti that I'm sure my friends and family are tired of hearing all of my fun facts that I link to virtually every conversation we have.  Here's a brief glimpse of what I learned:
Haiti - 1872
I learned  that women in every country love purses and that teenagers everywhere are glued to their cell phones.

I learned that almonds don't just fall of the trees the way they look in bags at the store.  You have to bang on them with a rock to get them to open up and eat them:
Haiti - 2106

I learned that I'm still bad at soccer, even against young, barefoot kids
Haiti - 1887

I got to learn that there are ways other than air condition to cool off
Haiti - 1901
I learned that Spartans are everywhere!
Haiti - 1865
I learned about the reality of Voodoo to the Haitian people.  I learned a little bit of what it's like to be a part of a Haitian family and see some work being done that is making a difference.  I got to learn about the plight of living with an incredibly corrupt government.  

Haiti - 1777
I learned that kids everywhere love candy (I always kept my pocket filled with candy).

I earned to appreciate my iPhone.  (This kid only had one battery so he had a wire running out of his walkman that he had to hold to the battery to get music)
Haiti - 2104Haiti - 2086
I learned to appreciate Haitian oatmeal, which Facilita does an amazing job making!

I learned that kids everywhere love action movies (This kids name was Jean Claude and he was convincing me he was tougher than the action movie star Jean Claude Van Damme)
Haiti - 2107

I learned that people can carry a lot on their head, and that even a little kid can carry 40lbs of water.
Haiti - 2076

I learned about different breeds of goats and that one lucky male goat keeps about 140 female goats pregnant throughout the year.
Haiti - 2166

I learned that most Haitians aren't good at taking pictures with an SLR camera.  Especially Echo and Obenes.
Haiti - 2201

I learned to appreciate water and electricity, especially when you have to haul a 400lb generator around to get a little power.
Haiti - 2060

I learned about agribusiness and planting trees in a way that you could double production, prevent erosion and get water back into the springs.
Haiti - 1763

I learned about poverty so deep that you would rather give up your children than see them starve.
Haiti - 1756

I learned about joy through a household slave girl, Sophia who radiated a deep joy, that she explained by the fact that "she had jesus in her heart".  She had a joy that I want.
  I also saw a girl with a deep saddness in her that I wanted to fix somehow.  I didn't do much, but I experienced a lot and was changed deeply.  Make sense?  It didn't to me either.

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Awesome Dave! I hope you don't mind I directed a few people from FIAI to view your blog. Thanks for sharing. Tammy Davison