Saturday, November 05, 2011

Amazing Letter to the Editor

One of the finest letters to the editor ever, from one of the old people in South Lyon who have too much time on their hands, and too small of a world. This is Dan Bruci's second letter on the subject. How dare the track team ignore his first letter?

"Pick another route"

Oh, look! Here comes the track team. I see you all chose to ignore my last letter. Obviously safety is not a concern.

You have the right to run on 11 Mile and through Hornbrook Estates, they'll like that, and how about Pontiac Trail, the shoulders are gravel.

I think cars and trucks are still pretty heavy. They're made of steel and glass and a lot of plastic, and they go fast, too. Are you waiting for one or more big kids to end up in a pine box or a wheel chair for the rest of their lives? Hey, then you can sue somebody.

I'm done! Thank you.

Dan Bruci

South Lyon

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