Friday, August 12, 2005

We (read: mostly Cathie) have been working to get ready for vacation tomorrow. Cathie's got a strange vacation preparation routine which involves staying up all night the night before getting ready. Doesn't matter how far in advance she starts, she always stays up all night. To top things off, we're getting the house cleaned up for one final open house before we take the house of the market. We don't want the kids to change schools mid-year, so we've decided to take it off the market until next spring. We're heading out to the West side of the state, staying at the Double J ranch tomorrow night and then staying at Will's Mom's cottage on Lake Michigan for a couple of days until we head out to Michigan Adventure Amusement Park on Tuesday. I head out to Boston on Wednesday and Thursday and then back all of the following week. Jon was going to go to the park with us but because of the latest with Beth's pregnancy, he's heading back to Memphis early.

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