Monday, May 01, 2006

Birthday Recap

Big su-fi to Will for getting me this BK Lounge shirt... For you Dane Cook fans, the back has the name progression "Buddy, Pal, Chief, Gaylord". Bob was kind enough to get me a bottle of my favorite Captain Morgan's private stock. Sadly enough, while Brad gave me nothing.

Here's the crew from the high-stakes poker party on Saturday night. Two days later, the garage still smells like an ashtray from all of the cigars.


Anonymous said...

I want to let every one know that though it was Dave's birthday We just couldn't let him win a game. Maybe if Brad came he would have let Dave win one. Sorry Dave.

Dave said...

Guess we were at different poker games.... I recall me winning the first game (Jeff and I ended up splitting the final pot so that everyone didn't have to wait while we played heads up for and hour) and won the big boring progressive poker pot.

Jason Raitz said...

Happy Belated BirthDay!!!

I can't believe I forgot to call on Saturday...Must of been all that varnish I was sniffing.