Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Next Tattoo

I'm considering getting this as my next tattoo. I could become invisible at any time by simply holding my finger up to my lip and speaking in a french accent.


Auntie K, Lady of the Lake said...

A late-posting to this news flash! I do want to provide some factoids pertinent to this story. First, because of the strong mafia roots (and some say, current ties) in Providence, RI, Federal Hill is deemed THE SAFEST AND CLEANEST place to get a tattoo. Seriously. When I get mine, I'm there. Word on the street is, if anyone connected with The Family gets an infection, that shop is SHUT DOWN. I cannot say for sure what would happen to the workers. Much like the tangential factoid that assures us that the safest place to park your car is in the North End of Boston -- for the exact same reasons. No one would DARE hit, sideswipe, dent, steal or otherwise touch a car in any way related to The Family. These factoids I know to be true, because I grew up equidistant between these two neighborhoods. I have never had a car incident in the North End (or Federal Hill, come to think of it) and while I have not yet received my first tattoo, I can vouch for the red sauce and chianti on Federal Hill, the land where even when you are in prison for tax evasion, you can still be elected Mayor.

Dave said...

So you're getting a tattoo on your finger of a little mustache?