Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Blair has a blog!

My brother Jon always had a crush on Mrs. Garrett from the TV show Facts of Life. Although my Facts-of-Life crush was on Jo, I would have married Blair if Jo died (and if I could have gotten married at age 10). Blair (Lisa Welchel) has a blog. Mrs Garrett, Jo and Blair were touring around NYC pimping their new DVD release of the TV show. You can read all about it on Blair's blog. (Please note that her blog is even less interesting than MC Hammer's)


Jon said...

Dave and Blair have something in common. They both believe in putting hot sauce in a child's mouth to punish them.

Dave said...

It probably makes us bad parents, but we really did do that. When Nate was 1, we were at our whits end with Nate biting us. One time we tried putting tobasco sauce after he bit us.