Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Today was Jason Shinn's surprise birthday party. It was a great surprise party, except for the surprise part... But we fixed that. The kids and I showed up at 7:00 per the instructions and oddly enough, saw that Jason was already there, which doesn't typically happen in your run-of-the-mill surprise parties. Some of the plans had gotten botched, so we decided to improvise. It seemed appropriate to periodically yell "Surprise!" to him throughout the party, which I did 20 or 30 times. We hung out, played Ultimate Frisbee and ate birthday cake. A lot of people don't know that Jason is a lover of fine contemporary christian music and cherishes his collection of WOW Christian Music CD compilations. We were able to add the one missing disc to his collection that he's been longing after for quite some time:

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