Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!

Today we're celebrating mother's day for Cathie. It's her day, starting with breakfast in bed, made by her very own children (while Emily carried up the newspaper. She's our lazy child)

Madeline meticulously cut up the fruit salad while Nate made the french toast and arranged the plate to look exactly like his Mom.

The kids gave Cathie her gifts after she enjoyed her breakfast, including a decorated plate and poem from Madeline, a coupon book from Nate and a personalized bag with Emily's hand-prints on it. I framed a bunch of pictures of the kids for her (you can see it in the lower left hand corner of the picture above)

The ground rules for the rest of the day are this:
  • No fighting or arguing
  • Keep room spotless
  • Let Mom relax
  • Anytime anyone finds a mess, they alert the rest of us and the kids and I clean it up immediately.
  • Dad gives Mom all the lovin she needs
  • Mom does not cook, clean or do anything productive.
I think my wife is the greatest Mom in the world. I really do. She is the standard by which I measure every other Mom. She had a great Mom to learn from and she's doing a great job continuing the tradition. She's is the most patient, kind, loving, fun, humble Mom I've ever seen. I constantly learn from her how to be a better parent and a better person.

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Anonymous said...

Mom is lucky she has such a wonderful family!