Sunday, May 14, 2006

My new Headset Case

My friend Kathy from work has had a Bluetooth headset for a long time. I'm pretty sure she's lost quite a big of sleep trying to figure out how to carry it around in a way that wasn't overly goofy. She began trying to walk around with it clipped to a piece of yarn around her neck. I mocked this. Two weeks ago we were in all day meetings in New York when she pulled out her latest carrying case: a red silk bag. After each use she would daintily place it in the bag and lovingly pull the ties shut. She mistook my mockery of this bag for envy, and last week I received three different bags for my headset in the mail along with a note, guessing at how tough of a time I'll have choosing the right the bag to my outfit. I am now using this baggie for my headset and everytime someone asks me about it, I tell them about my good friend Kathy and the piece of yarn she used to carry her headset around with.


Auntie K, Lady of the Lake said...

And yet how very unsurprising it is to me that you chose the red one! What will you do with the other two? I'm guessing they make lovely hostess gifts.

Dave said...

Madeline and Emily immediately laid claim on them. I explained the new fad to them and told them I need the bags to pass on to others who decide to make this trend their own.

Dan said...

Nice Sack