Sunday, May 14, 2006

Statistical Relevance

I just read this on Noel's blog and laughed pretty hard. It's regarding the site of some woman who placed me into her hall of shame because of some of the games I was doing with my youth group and branded my friend Joe as the devil incarnate. For a while, I set about trying to reference her site as often as possible, in order to show up as having a statistical link for search engines in order to entice the Ingrid's readers over to the dark side. Here's Noel's post:

As most of you know, I read a lot of blogs. Some I agree with, some I don't. One that can be a tad controversial is Slice of Laodicea. Sometimes I agree with this site, often I don't. That is neither here nor there for the purpose of this post. Today, while I was searching their site, I had my "Blogger Web Comments" window open, and what to my wondering eye should appear? My friend Dave has the most recent 5 posts that link to the page I was on. Click here for the visual proof:


Mission Accomplished.

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