Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Allofmp3.com on it's way out?

I'm a huge fan of allofmp3.com. I can get my music cheap and legal and sleep well at night. People have debated the legality of it, but basically, the site is based on a loophole in copyright law in Russia. Interesting article on the pressure that the US is putting on Russia to shut down allofmp3.com in order to enter the WTO:
allofmp3.com has enjoyed great popularity and has managed to avoid the long arm of the law—not to mention the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry—during its few years of operation. Users are drawn to it because it offers something none of the other music download services can: DRM-free tracks encoded in the customer's choice of format and bit rate. All that at a low, low price.

Update: Allofmp3 has published a rebuttal here.


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