Saturday, June 24, 2006

Father's Day/Maddie's Birthday Party

After the Relay for Life we went to Cathie's parents house to celebrate father's day and Maddie's birthday. We swam for 6 hours straight, without the kids getting out of the pool except to eat and pee (at least I think they got out of the pool for that part). We swam, dove and floated - having a ton of fun. We had this giant hamster wheel that we used as a target, so I'd toss the kids through the air to land in the hole and then we'd dive through the thing from way out.

Even though it was Father's day, we got pictures of the Moms.

We all ended up getting fried, but Dan was kind enough to take care of Will with lots of lotion and oils.

The whole day was a blast. Our families played, laughed, ate and drank all day, having a great time. Maddie put it best when she said, "Dad, our family sure knows how to have fun." You can see the rest of the pictures here in the Kurt Family Photo Gallery.

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