Tuesday, June 13, 2006

My Son the Punk

As I was driving back from Lansing, I got a call from Nate, saying, "Dad, Aunt Susan said I have to call and get your permission for her to give me a mohawk." I thought for about 1/2 a second and said, "Sure. Cool. I wouldn't call Mom and ask, though." Here's Sooze's description of the cut.


I let Cathie figure it out by seeing the pictures on my sister's blog. Her first words were "You better not have." The second words out of her mouth were, "I'm not mad at Susan. I'm mad at you. She at least thought to have Nate call you. See, look at the second picture. He doesn't even look happy." I stand by my decision. I think it's cool.

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Kasey said...

I think it looks cool. Makes Nate look older, but fun at the same time!