Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Nate and my nephew Matthew are away at basketball camp this week staying with Susan and Kevin. We were talking yesterday about the similarities between our boys. Apparently my son follows in my footsteps. Here's how Susan puts it:
It is sooooo hilarious having my brothers kids here....one is just like his dad. The other is just like his dad.

Here is an visual example for you.....

Here is Dan's son's suitcase. Everything is nicely sorted. Still folded. When he goes through his stuff, he puts it all back where it was. All of his dirty clothes go in the dirty clothes bag.

This is Dave's son's stuff.....thrown all over the floor. What is not on the floor in Allie's room is all over the rest of my house. His dirty clothes go next to or on top of his dirty clothes bag.

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