Monday, June 12, 2006

Please Pray for Noah

Please take a minute right now and pray for our friends the Girards. Their son Noah has been diagnosed with a rare uretha problem and is seeing a specialist at Children's Hospital tomorrow. Please pray for healing, their piece of mind and for the Doctor's to know what to do.

Update: The doctor said that Noah's condition looks more related to an injury than to the congenital disorder that the first urologist diagnosed. He appears to have an injury to his urethra which requires surgery (scheduled for July 10th) and he will know more about the extent of it when he performs the surgery. He said that with urethral strictures, there is a 30 percent chance of recurrence which will require a repeat surgery; however, unlike the first diagnosis of "posterior urethral valves" there is not the same concern about kidney damage, infertility, etc. This is great news. Thanks for your prayers. How'd you like to be nine and have to have surgery on that portion of your anatomy? Ouch.

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