Thursday, June 22, 2006


Emily ended up getting her mouth washed out with soap (a tiny drop of liquid soap on the end of her finger into Em's mouth) yesterday as a result of something she'd done. Nate's buddy Austin was over and saw this happen and explained to Cathie that he'd never gotten this punishment before, but wanted to try it. It went something like this:
Austin: "My Mom's never done that to me. Can I try that?"
Nate: "Austin, trust me, you don't want to try that."
Austin: (Putting soap on his finger and in his mouth):"Hey, this isn't bad. It's tastes like watermel...oooh, that tastes bad. Yuck! (spit/spit) Get me some water. Ewww..."
Nate: "I told you it was bad Austin."


Dana said...

What could sweet little Emily do to deserve such a punishment?

Dave said...

Spitting at Nate and Austin

Jon said...

Better then hot sauce in the her eye.