Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bahama Bob's 2008

Bahama BobBahama Bob Party
We attended the fourth (I think) annual Bahama Bob's party at the Ray's. My memory stinks, but I think the whole thing started after Bob put a pool in his back yard and built a cabana next to it. I remember standing around Bob's pool, chucking in pennies and watching his robotic pool cleaner, while the guys gambled on which penny it would pick up first. Bob has slow built his cabana into something that rivals the ocean-side bars in the Caribbean. It's pretty much the best club-house ever. We hang out there and watch play off games no matter what the weather, as Bob has added multiple TVs, fireplaces and propane heaters. As a side note, the cabana is a close rival to Bob's basement, which has a bunch of casino slot machines, arcade pinball machines and stand up video game systems, not to mention a slurpee machine. For the record, when I say Bob, I should be saying Bob and Anne (whom I have no pictures of from the party), both of whom know how to put on a big party. (Anne is the youngest of ten kids and the Rays have five boys themselves, so their average family gatherings rival the biggest party I've ever thrown).

To add to the Bahama Bob's carribean feel, they had a steel drum band and tons of food and Caribbean style drinks. Not to mention a viking helmet.
Ok, it was me that brought the Willapalooza horns, which made for some great pictures.
Old Man Brad
Brad kind of reminds me of Hagar the Horrible in this picture, or rather Hagar the Horrible on his death bad.
Cathie, Jen, Sooze, Jen & Kris
The Rays were kind enough to allow a slew of Kurt's to come to the party.

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Will said...

ACTUALLY, the first Bahama Bob's party I remember us attending was before he built the pool. There was a little portable bar at the side of the house and you "palmed" tequila shots much of the night. I can remember pantsing Brad in front of his neighbors that night as well.