Friday, August 22, 2008

Anniversary Gift

Happy Anniversary Dave and Cathie
I didn't realize that we're supposed to exchange gifts on our 16th anniversary, but I continue to learn every year I'm married to Cathie. Cathie gave me a collection of gifts, each one representing the ten reasons she loves me, including a "Best Husband of the Year" award - an award I periodically claim for myself, and now have a real ribbon to prove my stature.

Each gift had a little heart attached to it, explaining how it represents her love for me. For example, a bottle of hot sauce had the message, "You are even hotter 16 years later" and a yo-y0 had, "You stick by me in life's up's and downs." It was an awesome gift and meant a lot to me.

Not having gotten Cathie anything, and not wanting her to know this, I quickly grabbed my guitar and played a song for her, to the tune of I gave my love a cherry from the movie Animal house. I don't think she had any idea that I hadn't been preparing for months for this gift.

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