Friday, August 22, 2008

Em's Horse Camp

Emily's Horse CampEmily got a feel for what slave labor looked like this week, and loved every minute of it. She took part in a horse camp that gave kids a feel for what it's like to own your own horse. Throughout the week, the kids spend 6 hours a day cleaning, training, grooming and riding their own horse. They learned how to brush, clean and scrape the poop out of the horse's horse-shoes.

They ended the event with a competition. The kids were awarded prizes for their riding skills, grooming quality and racing abilities. Emily received the first place ribbon for her riding skills even though her horse had other ideas on what it should be doing. She really did a great job out there.

Emily's Horse CampEmily's Horse Camp
Emily, as many know, loves animals more than life itself and with all of the horses, donkeys, cats and dogs, she was in heaven. She received a special award for her love of animals. Her instructor explained that every day when she'd arrive and leave, she would go around to greet and pet every single animal on the farm.
Emily's Horse Camp
This is one of the other animals that Emily took care of, the opera singing donkey. If you gave it an apple, it would sing Opera, or so Emily claimed. I never heard it.
Emily's Horse Camp

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