Monday, September 01, 2008

Happy Birthday Cathie

Happy Birthday Cathie!
Today was Cathie's 38th birthday. That's right, I am now married to a middle aged woman. It's alright with me. She just keeps getting better looking every year. We started the day by making Cathie breakfast in bed and then trying to make her day special. Em's card was cute:

Dear Mom,
Happy Birthday! Hope you have the best birthday ever. Happy 38th birthday. I think that's young because you're not 50 yet. You look beautiful and you are the best Momma in the world. I love you more than animals (and I love animals a lot, they are like my favorite).

Love Emily
Cathie's Birthday Cake
It began well and ended well, but the middle was a little iffy and went in the toilet.
We had shish-ka-bobs, corn and Dove bars for dinner. (As usual, you can see Cathie spilled a little on her shirt).

Everyone called Cathie to wish her a Happy Birthday except a couple of people and their dog. Even one friend who might have cancer called and another couple called from their honeymoon. It meant that much more and made up for the one couple of didn't think about Cathie on her special day.

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