Monday, September 01, 2008

Kurt Labor Day Bash

Happy birthday LibbyDave's Hat
We headed down on Saturday to Jon and Beth's to hang out for Labor day weekend. Jon, Beth, Mike, Sarah (Koch) and Cathie and I headed out to downtown Grand Rapids while Tiff babysat for us. We went to a Tapas restaurant (not to be confused with a topless resturant) and then to the B.O.B. (bunch of bars). BOB is a four story building with different bars, restaurants and night clubs on each level. We hung out while Sarah took about 40 pictures.

The next day was the big party. With all of the Hawaiian shirts I own, you'd think someone would have told me it was an Hawaiian theme. Dan and family were very aware. Dan even wore a shirt that I got him twelve years ago.
Dan, Matthew and Steve-o
Maddie and Steve-O
There were lots of kids. As part of her birthday gift, Libby got to kick anyone in the stomach that she wanted to. It may sound like a weird birthday tradition, but Libby sure enjoyed it.
Libby kicking steve-o
With the whole Crossroads/Grand Valley State contingent, Tiffany, Reagan and Stephanie all came over. Reagan and Reagan got to meet each other and my brother Dan tried to get someone to give him $20 to take his new earring out.
The two ReagansOne of Dan's new piercings
Beth misunderstood the gift giving thing. She kept opening Libby's gifts, trying them on and then criticizing people for getting her outfits that were too small.
Beth's beautiful shirt
It was a beautiful day and it was a fun time. My personal highlight was being able to joke about the movie Step Brother with my new-step brother Mark and step-sister-in-law Alicia (we discussed that this is her actual title). I was also able to introduce Sarah to the joys of Google Reader for blog reading and Picasa for photo editing. Sarah also told me one of the funniest stories ever about her experiences trying to meet people via Craig's List.

You can see the rest of the pictures here.

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