Monday, September 08, 2008

JV Gold Hartland Game

Nate and Maddie's team played Milford on Saturday (Nate played, Maddie cheer/pom'd). They lost and Nate felt like he had a pretty crummy game. I reminded him of plays like this where he was the first guy to bring down a fullback twice his size (Nate's the one the guys back).
Nate Tackle
Maddie's team did a great job with their cheering and pom routine. When they do the kick-line seen below, everyone is supposed to applaud, and they always do. Maddie was stunting, which means she's up on top of the pyramid of girls doing the tricks. This time I made sure to get pictures of her.
Nate and Maddie had a huge fan club there. My Dad and Judy, Kevin, Sooze, Ben, Allie and Gabe and Will and Moanca all came to cheer on Nate and Maddie, which was very cool.
Nate and BenderNate and SusanNate and Gabe
Bender was pretty thrilled to see real football players hitting guys. The reason Gabe is the only person not wearing the helmet is because it didn't fit him. Susan learned the hard way just how sweaty a helmet can get.
Will, Monaca and MaddieNate, Monaca and Will

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Dan said...

Wow, rough weekend for your family. Nate lost the football game & got spanked by his favorite uncle in Fantasy Football. You lost the 10K race and got spanked in Fantasy Football.

At least you have Maddie to cheer on the rest of the losers in the family.