Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nate's Career Test

Growing up, my parents always told us that they didn't care if we grew up to be garbage men, as long as we were the best garbage men we could be. In school, Nate took a career test. His results, in order of their fit were:
  1. Boxer
  2. Model
  3. Fashion Designer
  4. Garbage Man
  5. Hockey Player
  6. Big Time Wrestler
  7. Nuclear Physicist
  8. Football Agent
  9. Soccer Player
  10. Maid
Nate brought the instructions home and we were able to try it out. Maddie took the same test and ended up with the following:
  1. Venture Capitalist
  2. Film Director
  3. Documentary Producer
  4. Orchestra Conductor
  5. Music Video Producer
  6. Website Designer
  7. Art Appraiser
  8. Choreographer
  9. Investment Banker
You can try it too via www . bridges . com. (Use site id# 0028688, pw:slms and click on Choices Explorer). Let me know what your results are.


Will said...

Some of my top careers:
Computer Systems Analyst
Software Trainer
Internet Consultant
Industrial Psychologist
Chief Knowledge Officer

Dave Kurt said...

Mine were:
Management Consultant (What I do)
Biotechnology Business Developer
Trade Specialist
Commercial Account Manager (Kind of waht I do)
University President
Venture Capitalist (Sort of what I do)
Chief Operating Officer
Hospital Administrator
Chief Executive Officer

Jon said...

Mine were:
Playboy Playmate
Garbage Man
Street Dancer
Reality Show Judge
Pillow Stuffer
Guy who sells t-shirts at concerts

Reagan Rose said...

I don't see how garbage man and maid work together but I'm sure you and Nate can come up with some hybrid of the two.

1. Film Director
2. Website Designer
3. Costume Designer
4. Book Editor
5. Computer Animator
6. Newspaper Editor
7. Choreographer
8. Music Producer
9. Editorial Cartoonist
10. Set Designer

That's pretty good! I also had puppeteer on the list...

Sarah said...

Here are mine:
Orchestra conductor (barf!)
Stage director
Film director
Stand-up Comedian
Literary Agent
Arts Administrator
Creative Director
Artist and Repertoire Rep
Advertising Account Planner
TV Host (HA! Love it!)
Documentary Producer
Music Video Producer
Interior Designer
Public Relations Acct. Executive
Fashion Editor
High School Drama Teacher

Anonymous said...

some of mine
Documentary Producer (basically any kind of producer, TV,Radio, Music Video)
Marketing and sales exec
Restaurant Manager
Small Business Owner

My favorites were Figure Skating coach and Boat Captain

Dan said...

Some of mine...
Music Producer
Documentary Producer
Music Video Producer
Location Manager
Software Product Manager
Set Designer
Road Manager
TV Producer
Boat Captain

Not sure how they came up with boat captain???

BoxcatAV said...

Mine were...
Human Resources Manager
Conference Organizer
Political Lobbyist
University President
Chief Executive Officer
Literary Agent
Elementary School Teacher
Hospital Administrator
Labor Relations Arbitrator
Talent Agent
Economic Development Officer
Health Services Administrator
Sports Agent
College Admissions Counselor
Space Marketer
Insurance Broker -- Agent

I'm not sure what a "space marketer" is.