Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cedar Point

Dave, Maddie, Nate and Cathie at Cedar PointTop Thrill Dragster
Cathie, Nate, Maddie and I went to Cedar Point on Sunday. Nate and I went last year and this year we figured Maddie was tall enough and loved Coasters enough to go. We got there at 11 when the gates opened and had a perfect day. We didn't wait in any lines longer than 15 minutes, which was perfect. Almost.

When you have no lines, it means you ride on a lot of rides. Without time to recover. When I was younger, I could ride these things all day. I felt like an old man having to take dramamine and advil just to make it through the day. The first ride we rode was the Maverick, last year's new coaster. We all agreed that it was the best ride in the park. It was smooth and had speed and propulsion. We ended the day by riding on The Demon Drop, which even for a 25 year old ride, was still a good time.

Here's a video of Cathie and Nate on the Top Thrill Dragster. If you've never seen this ride, it's amazing and fast. It accelerates up to 120mph in the course of a couple of seconds and shoots you up 400 feet. The whole ride lasts about 13 seconds.

Cathie's Toothless MomentMaddie on a coaster
This is The Scrambler, the ride that knocked Cathie's tooth out in high school. She's had the tooth replaced and even though we live in South Lyon, she still keeps it in for the most part. Maddie was tall enough for every coaster and she loved them all. Even the ones she was a little scared on, she quickly overcame and went on again.
Maddie crashed
We were all whooped by the end of the day, but it really couldn't have been much more perfect.

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