Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Xerox Guys Weekend

Two weekends ago, we had our annual guy's weekend up North. It's something we've been doing for the past 7 or 8 years. Guys from work fly in from all over the country and we get together to eat, drink and be merry, with some golf and corn-holin' in between.

This is tight group of guys. I've worked with some of these guys for 15 years (3 years at a previous company). We support each others careers and help each other out wherever we can. Many of us have worked for each other and it's half the reason we love our job. I just can't remember the other half.

It turns out that I'm a ninja in the game of corn-holing. This is way different than the kind of corn-holing my brother Jon does. This involves bean-bags and holes. I am as good at this game as I am bad at golf.

We stay at Bill's cottage up in Gaylord and we get some work done in between. There's nothing like looking around and seeing 9 guys with their laptops cracked open.
Hawley's Miner Light
No caption for this picture. It's just plain odd.
Glenn, Todd, John, Bill, Dave, Ron, Mike
This is the part of the crew. Kohne stayed back because his skirt was too tight.

We always mix some golf into things.
Doyle's High JumpDoyle
This little fella (he's 4'2" tall I think) trained me fresh out of college. He was a sales guy at my first company, ASG, and he and Ron showed me the ropes. Mike and I golfed together this year. He felt it was safer, as last year I ran over him with my cart.

I'm a pretty horrible golfer to say the least. Maybe I shouldn't have based my technique off of Happy Gilmore. At least I amuse myself.
Daev's GolfDaev's Golf

This drive was my best shot of the day. I was 350 yards, so I figured I needed a picture.
Daev's Golf Shot

This was one of the best years yet, even though Newton couldn't join us.

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