Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Full moon in the back yard

Full Moon in the Back Yard by fusionmonkeyFull Moon in the Back Yard by fusionmonkey
I went out last night to take the puppy out to the bathroom and saw this amazing skyline. The full-moon was reflecting off the clouds behind our giant tire-swing oak-tree in a way that looked very cool. I stayed out for about a half hour trying to capture it, but these pictures don't really do it justice in terms of the color and lights.


Sooze said...

funny...I've seen a full moon before and it looked nothing like this.

i do believe it was on the way to iowa....and you were trying to show it to mom, while we were driving.

Sarah said...

Thank you for changing the background to your blog. It looks more heterosexual this way.

Not that there's anything wrong with a homosexual background ...but I just think that one's blog background should reflect oneself accurately.

But if gay is your way, that's ok.

(Does Cathie know?)

Dawn said...

you're going to nashville too?! awesome! i can't wait.

cool pix.