Monday, October 27, 2008

Nate's Big Game!

Nate's team had their last regular season game on Saturday evening. The game was during the MSU/U of M game, which stunk, not to mention the fact that it started an hour late. I was able to sit in my car listening to the game on the radio while trying to figure out how to listen to the game live via my iPhone. I ended up not listening to the 2nd half of the game and plugged my ears every time they announced the score.
Nate had a huge game this week. He had some huge tackles and blocks (as you can see #20 in the above two pictures) not to mention his big reception in the 4th quarter. To understand why making a big catch is a big deal in this league, you have to understand that the passing game is almost non-existent, much like field goals and kicked PATs (point after touchdown). Most of the completions are quick slants without too many big passes or many YACs (yards after catch). Nate caught a huge catch with a great run afterwards which just made the game for him. When they annoucned his name for the reception, all of the parents sitting with me went nuts, not to mention his coaches and teammates ont he sidelines afterwards. I was beaming!

I'm proud of Nate and his contribution on the team no matter what, but this was just one of those big, beaming, proud Dad moments that I savored. Did I get any pictures of it? Unfortunately, no. The lighting stunk in the Hartland stadium so I didn't get any pictures in the second half.
Nate's team finished the season with only one win. Not good by any means, but not as horrible when you think that they had 31 kids (a huge team to manage), 11 of whom had never played before and 20 of the 31 are in 5th grade. It'll be a great team next year as Nate moves up into Varsity.
Maddie CheeringMaddie Cheering and Stunting
Maddie's cheer/pom squad did a great job, with their last game of the year. In the picture on the right, they were doing a cheer and go the crowd into it, which they loved. They're never quite sure what to do when the crowd starts cheering back, so typically they stay on with the same cheer over and over, until the play starts again. In the whole season, Maddie never complaiend about practice, cheering or the games. She really loved it, which might be explained by her love of performing in front of any group of people.

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