Monday, October 27, 2008

Panther Banquet

Nate's Panther Banquet
We had Nate's Football banquet on Sunday. There were a zillion people there with such a huge team. The coaches spoke and they handed out trophies to kids.
Nate's Panther Banquet
This was such a cool year for Nate in football. Last year was learning everything from scratch. Being a new guy last year and one of younger guys, he would play rarely, and even then only at cornerback. This year, Nate went in to the season in fantastic shape with a lot of the skills already down, including blocking and tackling. He played with such a great intensity and we even saw a positive impact from his ADD meds on him from a team sports standpoint.

He moves up to Varsity next year, with the 7th and 8th graders. I think the running back weight limit was 140 and the lineman limit was 160 lb in the JV league Nate plays in. (Nate weighs 73 lbs). Next year, the guys are huge. Seriously, huge and fast. Nate's just hoping he hits a growth spurt. I remember wrestling in the 82 lb weight class in 7th grade, so hopefully it's not dependent on my genes.

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