Sunday, October 19, 2008

RunKeeper for my iPhone

When I first starting running this year I would follow the same path that I had mapped out with my bike odometer so that I knew how far and how fast I was running. This got dull pretty quickly. I then started using before a run but it was kind of a pain and it wasn't all that accurate. A while back I got the RunKeeper app for my iPhone. The app uses the iPhone's GPS to track my run and give me an instant read out on my speed, distance, time, etc. At the end of my run, it uploads the data to their web site and aligns it with Google Maps. I can then see not only the course I ran, but the bottom part shows me the speed and elevation throughout my route. You can see from the above map how the elevation (green) corresponds with the white line (speed), basically me dogging as I'm running up hills.

The only downside of the app is found in the iPhone. If I'm running in areas that I heavily tree covered, I don't get a GPS signal. There are a couple places at Kensington Park that have this, but the route that I ran above was fine.

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Jennifer said...

Hey Dave,

I used to use RunKeeper but recently switched to Fitnio.

Fitnio is a lot easier to use and tells you how many calories you've burned during your run.

Best of all its free...