Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Great Poker Beat-Down

Old Man BradBob "Slash" Rays
We did something tonight that we haven't done in a while. We went over to Bob's to play cards. Bob's basement is nick-named the club-house, because it's the greatest basement known to man. He's got full-size arcade games, actual vegas slot-machines, beautiful big-screen TV, a full-service tequila bar and a fully stocked cabana outside for when we get bored.

We hung out and played cards, and at one point we all tried on Joe's Halloween costume. If you look at any of the rest of the guys, you'd know immediately that he's going as Slash, the guitarist from Gun's and Roses. If you looked at Will, you'd think he was going as Hagrid from Harry Potter.
Eli "Slash" SchultzWill "Hagrid" Brown
We hung out and played cards, listened to music and caught up on life. The illustrious William Brown made the trek from all the way from Lansing to see his posse (Will grew up in Sexton, so everything for him is very much a Boys 'n the Hood movie).

I went on early in the first round of poker so I could catch up with Will, only to DESTROY Eli and Jeff in the second round - taking them BOTH out in one fell swoop. They explained to me that my final hand was the stuff that legends are made of - Chris Moneymaker style. They both committed to writing a ballad about my victory, though I'm doubtful it will ever really happen. Eli and Jeff both play a lot of poker, so to beat them so harshly was kind of awkward for me. They tell me on a regular basis how good they are, so I felt bad to publicly embarrass them both like this. I think I learned a valuable lesson in all of this. Never underestimate how much better I am in cards than Eli.

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