Friday, October 24, 2008

Why I Love to See U of M Lose

I read a quote from Mike Hart, Michigan's running back that epitomizes the additude of just about every Michigan grad and Michigan fan I know. Hart's arrogance is representative of the whole Michigan ethos and snobbery. Hart is quoted today as saying about MSU:
"They'll always be second to us whether they beat us or not. They're always going to have to fight that they're not Michigan. They're always going to be in Michigan's shadow. As far as ann Arbor goes, compared to East Lansing, Michigan compared to Michigan State, Michigan is the better school, and that's just not me talking."
This is a large part of the reason I never hire Michigan grads. They all walk around with this chip on their shoulder, believing they are better than anyone else. This is also part of the reason why most state fans I know not only want to see Michigan State win, but see Michigan lose, and humiliate themselves, as they're doing this season.

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