Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marley and Me

I took Emily to see Marley and Me. Great movie, but exactly a kid's flick in a lot of ways. Emily counted 30 separate kisses. There was some innuendo and a bit of language, but it really went over Em's head. I had to explain to her at one point that the Mom jumped into the pool without any pants on, but it didn't seem to be ab ig deal to Em.

There were a couple very sad parts in the movie. *spoiler alert* The one that really choked me up was when the wife goes into the doctor for an ultrasound ten weeks into her pregnancy. The nurse couldn't find the heart beat and brings the doctor in to check, only to tell them they'd lost the baby. This exact scenario happened to Cathie and I 13 years ago when we had our first miscarriage and it brought badck a lot of memories.

The movie also reminded me of how great my dog Riley is and how dumb my dog Lola is.

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