Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Random Stuff I've done over Christmas Break

I was off part of last week and most of this upcoming week. Here's some of the random stuff I've been doing:
  • We watched Speed Racer. Great movie visually, but it was kind of tough to follow. The monkey that Emily and I met at the Novi Pet Expo was there.
  • The family watched Space Chimps, a pretty funny movie with Andy Sandberg. Any movie with monkeys is good with me. Decent flick with good animation. It was easier to follow than Speed Racer.
  • Cathie and I had an overnight getaway. Cathie was whooped after everything she did for Christmas, including accommodating my family staying over at the last minute. She needed some relaxation so I scheduled a massage for her and then took her on an overnight getaway. Tiffany as nice enough to stay overnight with the kids, which they loved. Her boyfriend Reagan got a chance to play the high school pink version of the game of Life.
  • I caught up on five episodes of Heroes that I was behind on.
  • Playing lots of monopoly. We got the kids the electronic version of Monopoly for Christmas and we've been playing that. No such thing as a quick game of Monopoly.
  • We shopped for a washing machine. This is the equivalent for Cathie of me shopping for a TV or new computer. This is the item Cathie uses more in this house than any other.
  • I went running quite a bit. I went when it was warm and wet and when it was cold and dry. I got a cold weather running ninja mask from Cathie's parents and it works great, but I look like a freak. Maddie appreciates the fact that others can't tell that it's me.
  • Had dinner with Bob and Anne Rays. Bob and I get together and we've been to lots of parties at their house and out to red wings games with the the Rays, but never out to dinner as the four of us. We hung out for about three hours talking. Bob and Anne have been married for 21 years and have five boys and we can learn a lot from them. Not to mention that they're fun to hang out with. Anne is the youngest of 12 and she helped me understand all sorts of things about my baby sister Susan.
  • We had a middle child swap. My nephew Andrew came and visited and Maddie went to their house.
  • Cathie and I watched three episodes of the show Mama's Boys. We are dumber for having seen the show, but it's a great guilty pleasure. It's basically the dating show Bachelor but with the guy's Moms on the show. The Mom's get copies of the girls background files and pictures of the girls that might be on the internet. Hilarious show.

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Sarah said...

You forgot to mention that you posted New Year's photos ....