Friday, January 30, 2009

I've had worse days...

We packed a lot in yesterday after our meetings closed out. We went to The Gun Store - a gun shop that allows you to shoot an amazing assortment of automatic weapons. We went with the Coalition package which allowed us to shoot an M249 SAW, an M16 Riffle and an M9 Pistal.
They gave you a series of targets and let you go to town on these things with full automatic. Amazing.
We then headed over to the stratosphere where we did some of the rides at the top of the 1000 foot tower. They've got a series of ridiculous thrill rides that hang you out over the building, spin you on top of it and then shoot you off of the building. At one point as we went up the Big Shot, we were level with two F-16s flying nearby. Cool.

We then headed downtown to Fremont Street. We checked out the Golden Nuggest in the Golden Nugget. It's the largest nugget of gold on display. It ended up changing my luck at the tables. We then went and got some $1.99 shrimp and then played a lot of craps at the $3 table and ended up doing pretty well.
We headed back to the main strip and hit some of the other casinos to close out the night. My brother Jon loves slot machines and I found the ideal slot machine for him with this Dukes of Hazzard machine. He would like this even more than the eBay machine.

IMG_0178.JPGBest Slot Machine Ever
I've had my fill of Vegas. I'm done for another couple of years here.

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