Monday, February 16, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

Daddy Daughter Dance Picture
On Friday night, the girls and I went to our annual valentine's Daddy/Daughter dance. We got dressed up and went out for our big night. Each year, the girls help me pick out my outfit. For the past two years, the girls had picked out the exact same outfit for me (which we figured out after looking at the pictures we had taken) This year I was determined not to repeat that mistake.
Maddie and Dave before Daddy Daughter DanceEm and Dave before Daddy Daughter Dance
We went to Brown's for dinner where Emily had her standard giant hot dog for dinner. We got to the school where the dancing had already begun.
This whole event never stops being funny to me. You have a couple hundred rhythm-less white men in a room who wouldn't be caught dead dancing unless they'd consumed a fair amount of alcohol. Because they are there with their little girls, we are all willing to look goofy for their girls. We do all the standard wedding dances like The Chicken Dance, the Macarena and the YMCA, not to mention a time when they have all the Dad's get in the middle and run into each other while trying to do the hustle.

Mark, Dave, Maddie, Em and MaddieIt was a fun time. The girls and I went with Mark Kohne and his daughter Maddie, who has been 13 years in a row with his girls. They used to have this back-to-back nights, and Mark used to take a daughter to each night. Now that's love.

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